This site is a collaboration between two collectors, Cindy Pierson Dulay and Tom Sporney . Both have contributed their expertise to The Blood-Horse's Kentucky Derby Glasses Price Guide, by Eclipse Press.

Data for average, low, and high prices come from transactions over the course of the past year or more, represented as "mint" or "near-mint", except for paper items. Where no low/high prices are shown, the average price reflects a single market observation. Target prices are an indication of what we, as collectors, would reasonably expect to pay for the item. Prices do not include shipping, handling, or insurance.

Our data is collected from sales nationwide. Random sampling of our information, as well as our own observations, indicate that the KY market, and Louisville in particular, is higher-priced than the general US market. Depending upon the category, it could be as little as 5% to as much as 33% or more. Thus, you should expect to spend more than the average price in Louisville, and less than the average outside of KY. Remember, careful shopping can turn up bargains even in Kentucky, so keep looking.

We'd previously avoided including ebay data in our information, based on our concern that ebay-type numbers were similarly overinflated and dealer-oriented. Initially, they were. However, after some time, the ebay market has settled, and consistently represents transactions that are 50-75% of the previous historical auction market for 'common' glasses. As ebay data is incorporated, you will see the market value of most items decrease.


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by Cindy Pierson Dulay at, updated 23August01

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Apr/May 1999