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We thank you for your kind comments for our efforts.

First off, you have got a fantastic web site. I learned quite a bit especially about the 1974 glasses. With the Federal, Libby and II combination, who would have thought that a simple typing error could create such excitement.

Nancy Ballance
11 Nov 02
I want you to know how interesting, informative and helpful your site has been for me. I collect horse racing glasses in all the main categories, and your guide has helped me make some good purchases and steer clear of some that wouldn't have been so good. Thanks for all your work. I appreciate it.

Jim Steckley
27 Mar 00
Enjoy using your guide!

You appear to have the best, and, I might say, most honest, account of real prices. The Louisville folks who are involved in writing updated lists all have a vested interest; they are dealers themselves, and they are stockloaded with many items, items that they try to jack up the prices. Louisville is a different world when it comes to prices.

15 Jan 99
...I started collecting derby glasses three months ago and I have really enjoyed it. Your equillector site has been invaluable. I was sure lucky to find it.

Thank you,
Bill Bosse
22 Sep 98
...I wanted to add this personal note on the value of websites established by collectors. I tip my hat to you, wishing I knew more sites organized by book collectors. Yours is a very together and accessible one. Much luck to you.

Race well,
2 Jun 98
What an awesome web site ! My boyfriend is an avid shotglass collector, and we ran across your site looking for places to buy collectable shotglasses. We really appreciate the effort that must have gone into creating this site and keeping it updated ! KUDOS !

26 May 98
Thanks for the update. We've had a lot of interest in horse racing glasses lately. I use your page religiously for pricing.

Mark Chase
16 Nov 97
...you do a GREAT job, and I would like to thank you for your efforts.

28 Aug 97
What a great site! ... Now that I found this site my bids will be much more realistic.

Carol Sinclair
7 Aug 97
Great job! Thanks for all the effort.

Tom Johns
29 Jun 97
Your web page is a delight! ... Really love your page and tell everybody about it.

10 Jun 97
Nice site you guys... er, equillectors!

Diana Linkous
9 Jun 97
I've just visited this site for the first time and it's terrific. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to put it online. It's not only interesting, but it's very helpful in placing a value on what I have and evaluating what I want to buy. Again, thanks.

Russ Herron
28 May 97


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